Three Sisters Market

The Three Sisters Market is currently under construction. It will be a ground-up building spanning 12,000 square feet at Clanton Road and West Boulevard. The area is recognized as a food desert, and the market will be the first functional grocery store in over 30 years. The market will serve as a grocery store and community space, featuring meeting rooms, co-working options, and event space.

The residents of the West Boulevard corridor make up 19 communities. The communities are Arbor Glen, Barringer Woods, Bent Oaks Apartments, Capital Drive, Clanton Park, Kingspark Apartments, Little Rock Apartments, Parker Heights Apartments, Pinecrest, Ponderosa, Pressley Ridge Apartments, Reid Park, Renaissance West, Revolution Park, Roseland Apartments, Sandhurst Apartments, Tyvola Crossing, Westover Hills and Wingate.  

The goal of the WBNC  is to ensure that collective efforts involve local residents, churches, community organizations, and businesses in the West Boulevard corridor and benefit the economic development, education, and health outcomes of these residents.

Community Engagement and Planning for the shared vision of our food system:
• West Boulevard Corridor Plan (1998)
• Wells Fargo Doos Forum (2015)
• West Boulevard Corridors Playbook (2018-19)
• Working Group Report (2020-21)
• Working Group Report (2020-21)

Food Co-op key successes:
• 2022 Co-op Articles of Incorporation filed
• 2022 $750,000 earmarked funds from Congresswoman Alma Adams
• 2022 Mecklenburg County allocates funding to hire General Manager
• 2023 99-year lease with Inlivian
• 2023 $3,000,000 construction commitment
• 2023 rezoning
• Food Cooperative Initiative partnership

Download WBNC West Boulevard Market Assessment & Strategic Revitalization Study


“I have worked in the Grocery Retail Business for over 20 years. When I first started, I did various tasks such as pushing in buggies, helping guests to their cars, bagging groceries, picking up trash, and cleaning bathrooms.

Janiqua climbed the ranks of the grocery industry and served as front-end manager, operations manager, and Hardline’s co-manager. In 2017, she became the General Manager of a design-to-build store for Food Co-ops in Providence, RI. She continued to serve over the years in different capacities and finally returned to Charlotte, NC, in November 2024.

Janiqua is no stranger to Charlotte. She is grateful for the opportunity to return to Queen City as the General Manager of Three Sisters’ Market. She is passionate about and advocates dismantling food apartheid, which is still prevalent despite the advancements in AI, medicine, and changing political policies. Like many others, she has been conditioned to accept this opportunity.

Janiqua is passionate about the Three Sisters Market, our initiatives, and community engagement in creating a healthy, inclusive food system. It’s inspiring to see the efforts being made to provide fresh and affordable food options to all community members, and the dedication of individuals like Janiqua Jackson, the General Manager of Three Sisters’ Market, is truly commendable. The principles and values of the cooperative are also something to be admired, with a focus on democratic participation, autonomy, education, cooperation, and concern for the community. It’s heartening to see the success and progress made by other food co-ops around the country, and Three Sisters Market is next up!

When Janiqua is not wearing her co-op hat, she makes her favorite Spanish or soul food dish in anyone’s kitchen. If she’s not working, she will miss your call being lost in nature, on a long car ride, or listening to one of the many music genres she enjoys.

“I love being around good company, family, and friends, having some good laughs, and creating lasting memories! I can’t wait to see you all out here!”

In cooperation,
Janiqua Jackson
General Manager of Three Sisters’ Market


A co-op, or cooperative, is a business or organization owned and democratically controlled by its members, who can be customers, employees, or other stakeholders. In a co-op, members pool their resources and share in the decision-making process and the organization’s benefits. Co-ops can take many forms.

Three Sisters Market is a food co-op that will serve the West Boulevard Corridor and Charlotte-Mecklenburg region. A grocery store owned by the community (and by you, if you choose). Unlike corporate chains, food co-ops are totally independent and owned by the community members who shop there.

We are guided by principles and values that define our identity.

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Cooperative Principles

Voluntary and Open Membership
Democratic Member Control
Member Economic Participation
Autonomy and Independence
Education, Training, and Information
Cooperation among Cooperatives
Concern for the Community

Cooperative Values

Self- Responsibility

Who are the three sisters?

Inspired by three pivotal women from the West Boulevard Corridor, this market will honor their legacy within our community and set a positive example for change worldwide.

Amay M James


Luciel McNeel


Dorothy Waddy



Imagine a world where fresh, healthy, and affordable food options are available to everyone, no matter where they live. A food co-op can help make this a reality by building a strong sense of community among its members. Creating a welcoming and inclusive environment where members participate in decision-making processes and events can support the local economy and create new jobs while promoting social connections and community ownership. We can make a difference and create a better future for all with effective planning, needs assessment, and outreach strategies.

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