Placemaking Projects

WBNC Placemaking Projects: Celebrating Community Heritage and Identity
Welcome to the West Boulevard Neighborhood Coalition (WBNC), where community engagement and placemaking initiatives intersect to create vibrant and inclusive neighborhoods. Explore our journey through past and current placemaking projects, each telling a unique story of community pride and collaboration.

Seeds for Change Mural: Cultivating Community Creativity
In July 2018, WBNC collaborated with Blank Canvas Mural Company to create a vibrant mural at the Seeds for Change Urban Farm. This project, unveiled during our Legacy Festival on July 28th, 2018, brought together community members to paint and celebrate our shared vision for the future. The mural serves as a colorful expression of community identity and solidarity, showcasing the power of art to transform public spaces and unite neighborhoods.

Bus Stop Improvement Beautification Project: Enhancing Public Spaces
In October 2018, WBNC embarked on a transformative journey to improve bus stops along the West Boulevard corridor in partnership with the India Association of Charlotte. Through thoughtful design and community engagement, this project not only beautified our public spaces but also enhanced the commuting experience for residents. Completed in October 2019, this initiative stands as a shining example of the positive impact of placemaking efforts on our neighborhoods.

Historical Markers Placemaking Project: Honoring Our Heritage
Since its inception in 2020, the Historical Markers Placemaking Project has been a testament to WBNC’s commitment to preserving and celebrating our community’s rich history. From the initial concept to the meticulous planning process, this project has been a collaborative endeavor driven by community input and passion. As we await final approval from the Department of Transportation for marker locations along the West Boulevard corridor, we eagerly anticipate the unveiling of these markers as enduring symbols of our heritage and identity.

Your Voice Matters
At WBNC, community engagement is at the heart of everything we do. We value your input and ideas as we work together to shape the future of West Boulevard. Join us in creating vibrant and inclusive neighborhoods where every voice is heard and every story is celebrated.

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